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PhD English Language and Literature

Code Name Level Year Semester
ELT 602 Criticism Graduate 1 Fall
Status Number of ECTS Credits Class Hours Per Week Total Hours Per Semester Language
7.5 91 English

Instructor Assistant Coordinator
Melih Karakuzu, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Melih Karakuzu, Assoc. Prof. Dr.
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After a brief review of approaches to literature before the twentieth century, this course concentrates upon developments in literary criticism in the twentieth century. The approach used is conceptual rather than historical; the concepts of literature in the major contemporary movements of literary criticism and the assumptions concerning the study of literature underlying these movements are studied in representative texts. Examples of applications of the approaches discussed to literary texts are also included in the course.

  1. An Outline History of Literary Criticism
  2. Plato, Horace, Longines
  3. The Middle Ages and the Renaissance
  4. John Dryden
  5. Alexander Pope
  6. The Rise of the Novel
  7. Samuel Johnson
  8. William Wordsworth
  9. Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  10. Modern Criticism
  11. T.S. Eliot
  12. New Criticism
  13. Discussion

  1. Student\'s presentation on a work s/he has read
  2. Student\'s presentation on a work s/he has read
  3. Student\'s presentation on a work s/he has read
  4. Student\'s presentation on a work s/he has read
  5. Student\'s presentation on a work s/he has read

  • Lectures
  • Presentation
  • Assignments
Description (%)
Method Quantity Percentage (%)
Midterm Exam(s)130
Total: 50
Learning outcomes
  • The learners will have an idea of what the definiotion of criticism is.
  • They will have a critical approach to a given literary text
  • They will be able to analyze the work of literature.
  • Bressler, E.C.: Literary Criticism: An Introduction to Theory and Practice. Prentice Hall; 4th edition. 2006
  • Leitch, V., Cain, W., Finke, Laurie A. And Johnson Barbara (editors).The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism. W. W. Norton; 1 edition. 2001.
  • Various Authors. Classical Literary Criticism. (Translated from Greek) by Murray, P. and Dorsch, T.S. Penguin Classics. 2001
  • Habib, M.A.R.: A History of Literary Criticism: From Plato to the Present. Wiley-Blackwell; Reprint edition (October 12, 2007)

ECTS (Allocated based on student) WORKLOAD
Activities Quantity Duration (Hour) Total Work Load
Lecture (14 weeks x Lecture hours per week)31648
Laboratory / Practice (14 weeks x Laboratory/Practice hours per week)8540
Midterm Examination (1 week)111
Final Examination(1 week)122
Preparation for Midterm Examination 0
Preparation for Final Examination7.50
Total Workload: 91
ECTS Credit (Total workload/25): 4