Faculty of Education and Humanities
Department of English Language and Literature

Code Name Level Year Semester
ELT 425 English for Proficiency Exams Undergraduate 4 Spring
Status Number of ECTS Credits Class Hours Per Week Total Hours Per Semester Language
6 100

Instructor Assistant Coordinator
Haris Ceric, Research Assistant Harun BASTUG Harun BAŞTUĞ, Research Assistant
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This course will be especially helpful to all students preparing for exams like the IELTS, TOEFL IBT, etc. Also, CAT aspirants will find this extremely useful for the Group Discussions. Further, all students who are looking for a job and have to face campus selection interviews will find this course very beneficial. This course will focus on students’ weaknesses quickly and give emphasis to eliminate those weaknesses in their preparation for the TOEFL IBT and IELTS examinations.

This course aims at providing the following skills to the students:
• Improve their ability to understand and use written English
• Analyze and apply knowledge in new situations
• Learn strategies for any exam you take, including TOEFL
• Gain the skills you need to succeed at college, university and work.

  1. The course provides specific practice and tips on how to approach the exam and what to expect. They are not designed to improve your level of English, but instead focus exclusively on the skills needed for the exam. • The course deals with a variety of exam focus areas including: • Planning and structuring writing. • Dealing with unknown vocabulary. • Tips on practice of the speaking test. • Strategies for reading quickly and choosing correct answers. • Advice and practice of listening skills.Week 1 (17 Fe
  2. Week 2 (24 February) 1. TOEFL iBT Reading Tips 2. Reading texts 3. TOEFL Vocabulary- Nature
  3. Week 3 (2 March) 1. TOEFL iBT Writing Tips 2. TOEFL Vocabulary- Science 3. Quiz I
  4. Week 4 (9 March) 1. TOEFL iBT Speaking Tips 2. Speaking Topics 3. TOEFL Vocabulary- Mind and Body
  5. Week 5 (16 March) 1. TOEFL iBT Listening Tips 2. Listening activities 3. TOEFL Vocabulary- Society
  6. Week 6 ( 23 March ) Quiz II 1. Listening activities 2. TOEFL Vocabulary- Money 3. Quiz II
  7. Week 7 (30 March) 1. Use of English 2. Use of English 3. TOEFL Vocabulary- Government and Justice
  8. Midterm
  9. Week 9 ( 13 April ) 1. Reading texts 2. Reading texts 3. TOEFL Vocabulary- Relationships
  10. Week 10 (20 April) Quiz III 1. Listening activities 2. TOEFL Vocabulary- Culture 3. Quiz III
  11. Week 11 (27 April) 1. Use of English 2. Use of English 3. TOEFL Vocabulary
  12. Week 12 (4 May) 1. Speaking activities 2. Use of English 3. Quiz IV
  13. Week 13 (11 May) 1. FLTAL 2016
  14. Week 14 (18 May) 1. TOEFL Test
  15. Week 15 ( 25 May) 1. TOEFL Test


    • Practical Sessions
    • Excersises
    • Presentation
    • Discussions and group work
    Description (%)
    Method Quantity Percentage (%)
    Class Deliverables110
    Final Exam140
    Total: 50
    Learning outcomes
    • Identify, locate and gather appropriate information from different texts to fulfill tasks.
    • Write creatively about everyday aspects; describe activities and experiences, and feelings.
    • Understand the main points of clear standard speech on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, school, leisure etc.
    • Express thoughts, beliefs, agreement/disagreement, and exchange ideas and information on different occasions
    • Be able to follow and respond to the main points of extended discussion and speech articulated in native English.

      ECTS (Allocated based on student) WORKLOAD
      Activities Quantity Duration (Hour) Total Work Load
      Lecture (14 weeks x Lecture hours per week)15230
      Laboratory / Practice (14 weeks x Laboratory/Practice hours per week)15230
      Midterm Examination (1 week)122
      Final Examination(1 week)122
      Preparation for Midterm Examination188
      Preparation for Final Examination11010
      Assignment / Homework/ Project11010
      Seminar / Presentation188
      Total Workload: 100
      ECTS Credit (Total workload/25): 4