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3+2 Management

Code Name Level Year Semester
BUS 507 Marketing Research Graduate 1 Spring
Status Number of ECTS Credits Class Hours Per Week Total Hours Per Semester Language
7.5 961 English

Instructor Assistant Coordinator
Teoman DUMAN, Prof. Dr. Teoman DUMAN, Prof. Dr.
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The purpose of this course is to review and analyze marketing research concepts in detail with case study applications. Furhermore, students with 2-3 group members will be asked to analyze and present a case study in the textbook. Students will also be asked to to conduct a marketing research during the semester.

  1. Chapter 1: Introduction to Marketing Research Chapter 2: Defining the Marketing Research Problem and Developing an Approach
  2. Chapter 3: Research Design Chapter 4: Exploratory Research Design: Secondary Data
  3. Chapter 5: Exploratory Research Design: Syndicated Sources of Secondary Data Chapter 6: Exploratory Research Design: Qualitative Research
  4. Chapter 7: Descriptive Research Design: Survey and Observation Chapter 8: Causal Research Design: Experimentation
  5. Chapter 9: Measurement and Scaling: Fundamentals and Comparative Scaling Chapter 10: Measurement and Scaling: Non-comparative Scaling Techniques
  6. Chapter 11: Questionnaire and Form Design
  7. Mid-term exam
  8. Chapter 12: Sampling: Design and Procedures Chapter 13: Sampling: Final and Initial Sample Size Determination
  9. Chapter 14: Fieldwork: Data Collection Chapter 15: Data Preparation and Analysis Strategy
  10. Chapter 16: Data Analysis: Frequency Distribution, Hypothesis Testing, Cross-Tabulation
  11. Chapter 17: Data Analysis: Hypothesis Testing Related to Differences
  12. Chapter 18: Data Analysis: Correlation and Regression
  13. Chapter 19: Report Preparation and Presentation
  14. Marketing Research Presentations

  1. Case 2.1: American Idol
  2. Case 2.2: Baskin Robbins
  3. Case 2.3: Kid Stuff
  4. Case: 1.1: Hewlett Packard
  5. Case 3.1: Bank of America

  1. Case 3.2: McDonald’s
  2. Case 3.3: Boeing

  • Lectures
  • Presentation
  • Project
  • Case Studies
Description (%)
Method Quantity Percentage (%)
Midterm Exam(s)20
Final Exam130
Total: 100
Learning outcomes
  • Defining marketing problems
  • Formulating appropriate research design for marketing problems
  • Using measurement and scaling concepts in marketing research
  • Preparing data collection instruments and idetifying proper methods for data collection
  • Analyzing data using appropriate statistical techniques
  • Malhotra N. K. ( 2009). Basic Marketing Research: A Decision Making Approach, 3rd ed. Pearson: Upper Sudder River, New Jersey.

ECTS (Allocated based on student) WORKLOAD
Activities Quantity Duration (Hour) Total Work Load
Lecture (14 weeks x Lecture hours per week)483144
Laboratory / Practice (14 weeks x Laboratory/Practice hours per week)16116
Midterm Examination (1 week)2020400
Final Examination(1 week)2020400
Preparation for Midterm Examination111
Preparation for Final Examination1050
Total Workload: 961
ECTS Credit (Total workload/25): 38