Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences
Department of Management

Code Name Level Year Semester
BUS 103 Introduction To Business Undergraduate 1 Fall
Status Number of ECTS Credits Class Hours Per Week Total Hours Per Semester Language
5 0 English

Instructor Assistant Coordinator
Merdzana OBRALIC, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali CO┼×KUN, Prof. Dr.
[email protected] no email

This course presents a balanced view of business; the strengths, weaknesses, successes, failures, problems, and challenges. It provides students a base for more advanced courses. The objective of this course is to provide students a clear and complete description of the concepts underlying business and illustrate the dynamism and liveliness of business organizations and people who operate them with real life examples.

  1. Introduction - Motives and Functions of a Business
  2. Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
  3. Assessing Economic Conditions
  4. Assesing Global Conditions
  5. Selecting a Form of Business Ownership
  6. Entrepreneurship and Business Planning
  7. Managing Effectively
  8. Organizational Structure
  9. Mid-term
  10. Improving Productivity and Quality
  11. Motivating Employees
  12. Hiring, Training, and Evaluating Employees
  13. Creating and Pricing Products
  14. Distributing Products and Promoting Products

  1. Case: How Yahoo!vCreated a Business & Test
  2. Case: Social Responsibility at Ben and Jerry\'s Ice Cream & Test
  3. Case: Impact of Economic Conditions & Test
  4. Case: Global Expansion by Linton Records & Test
  5. Case: Deciding the Type of Business Ownership & Test
  6. Case: Planning a Business & Test
  7. Case: Applying Management Skills & Test
  8. Case: Creating an Organizational Structure & Test
  9. Mid-term

  1. Case: Selecting the Best Plant Site & Test
  2. Case: Using Motivation to Enhance Performance & Test
  3. Case: Filling Job Positions & Test
  4. Case: Marketing T-Shirts & Test
  5. Case: Distribution Decisions by Novak, Inc. & Test

  • Lectures
  • Presentation
  • Case Studies
Description (%)
Method Quantity Percentage (%)
Midterm Exam(s)30
Final Exam150
Total: 100
Learning outcomes
  • Business Environment
  • Starting a New Business
  • Management
  • Managing Empoyees
  • Marketing
  • Jeff Madura, Introduction to Business, 4 Edition, USA 2007

ECTS (Allocated based on student) WORKLOAD
Activities Quantity Duration (Hour) Total Work Load
Lecture (14 weeks x Lecture hours per week)450
Laboratory / Practice (14 weeks x Laboratory/Practice hours per week) 300
Midterm Examination (1 week) 10
Final Examination(1 week) 10
Preparation for Midterm Examination 0
Preparation for Final Examination50
Total Workload: 0
ECTS Credit (Total workload/25): 0