Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences
Department of Banking and Finance

Code Name Level Year Semester
BAF 205 Banking Law and Financial Regulations Undergraduate 2 Fall
Status Number of ECTS Credits Class Hours Per Week Total Hours Per Semester Language
Compulsory 5 2 + 1 127 English

Instructor Assistant Coordinator
Haris Hasić, Expert Haris Hasić, LLM Haris Hasić, Expert
[email protected] [email protected] no email

Banks and other financial organizations are special business organizations governed by law. The course represents a summary and a review of the relevant and applicable legal institutes that govern the operation of banks and financial institutions.

The primary goal of the course is to familiarize students with the essential tenants, institutes and functioning of banking and finance law and to enable students in making informed and legally sound decisions in the everyday banking and finance operations. Particular attention will be given to the issue of bank regulation and what is an appropriate amount of the same.

  1. Introdcution, Why regulate banks?
  2. Development and evolution of banking and financial institutions law & Introduction to the legal business environment
  3. Money, electronic money, securities and the role of financial intermendiation
  4. Law of negotiable instruments
  5. Types of banking activities
  6. Contracts in banking
  7. Types of banks
  8. Central Bank
  9. Banking agencies and Banking market regulations in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  10. Banks as special business entities & Founding and running of banks
  11. Management and oversight of banks & Ethical consideration and the recent crisis
  12. Insurance law and regulation
  13. Securities market regulation & Pension funds and social security
  14. International finance
  15. Islamic banking and finance


    • Interactive Lectures
    • Practical Sessions
    • Excersises
    • Presentation
    • Discussions and group work
    • Student debates
    • Assignments
    • Case Studies
    • Use of educational films
    Description (%)
    Method Quantity Percentage (%)
    Midterm Exam(s)20
    Term Paper15
    Final Exam140
    Total: 100
    Learning outcomes
    • Be fully aware of the functioning of the banking system and the legal structure supporting it, how banks are regulated and how oversight is performed, how the process of the founding of banks is run and what are some of the legal aspects of running banks.
    • Be aware of the legal significance and peculiarities of financial institutions regulation
    • Be proficient in basic institutions of banking law and finance as well as in the characteristics and the functioning of the banking and finance sectors.
    • Understand problems and potential solutions to such problems as they relate to banking law and finance.
    • Be able to make reasoned arguments to topics in banking law and finance.
    • Make informed and legally sound decisions
    • Be able to adapt to the ever changing banking and finance legal environment
    • Matthias Haentjens & Pierre de Gioia-Carabellese (2015) European Banking and Financial Law, Routledge, Oxon
    • Several laws as indicated by the instructor (Primary)
    • Fasil Alemayehu & Merhateb Teklemedhin (2009) Law on Banking, Negotiable Instruments and Insurance Teaching Material, available at:

    ECTS (Allocated based on student) WORKLOAD
    Activities Quantity Duration (Hour) Total Work Load
    Lecture (14 weeks x Lecture hours per week)15345
    Laboratory / Practice (14 weeks x Laboratory/Practice hours per week) 0
    Midterm Examination (1 week)122
    Final Examination(1 week)122
    Preparation for Midterm Examination11818
    Preparation for Final Examination13030
    Assignment / Homework/ Project11515
    Seminar / Presentation11515
    Total Workload: 127
    ECTS Credit (Total workload/25): 5