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3+2 Architecture

Code Name Level Year Semester
ARC 521 The Complex Installation Systems Graduate 1 Fall
Status Number of ECTS Credits Class Hours Per Week Total Hours Per Semester Language
Area Elective 6 3 152

Instructor Assistant Coordinator
Ahmed El Sayed, Assist. Prof. Dr. Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sayed Ahmed El Sayed, Assist. Prof. Dr.
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This Course presents a preview in the choice of optimal solution for water and waste-water installation. To find the satisfying solutions for installation. To introduce the internal and external factors affecting the convenience of staying in a particular architectural and structural area, with special emphasis on labor and production units.

• Introduce the students to methods of integration of complex installation system
• Enable students to understand the installation systems, the way they work and how the environment can affect the health of humans,
• Develop the student capability to design multifunctional buildings designated for special group of users from conceptual to final project including complex installation system
• To learn how does it work system of heating and cooling
• Provide skills to resolve at a professional level complex installation system projects
• Provide students with ongoing opportunities to reach innovative solutions by hypothesizing, experimenting, and learning from both good and bad examples;

  1. Introduction to Building Services and Installations
  2. Water Supply and Waste Water Systems
  3. Equations in communal hydraulics and basic calculations
  4. Pressure losses in pipelines
  5. Sanitarey elements in buildings and their characteristics
  6. Sanitarey elements in buildings and their characteristics
  7. Basic Calcuation steps for family house
  8. Midterm Exam
  9. Midterm Exam
  10. Drawings and specifications
  11. Drawings and specifications
  12. Fiitings on the pipelines
  13. Basic Calcuation fo Complex Buildings
  14. Basic Calcuation fo Complex Buildings
  15. Final project preparation


    • Interactive Lectures
    • Presentation
    • Problem solving
    • Case Studies
    • Guest instructor
    Description (%)
    Method Quantity Percentage (%)
    Midterm Exam(s)150
    Term Paper150
    Total: 100
    Learning outcomes
    • • To respond to complex installation systems with knowledge and with knowing requirements for solving such system.
    • • To be able to solve real complex installation systems with the design of skyscrapers or towers.
    • • To understand the components and factors that affects the solution of complex systems like health and light and safety.
    • 1. A.C. Panchdhari, Water Supply And Sanitary Installations, New Age International, 2005, ISBN 8122412254, 9788122412253
    • 2. A.F.E. Wise, John Swaffield, Water, Sanitary and Waste Services for Buildings, Routledge, 2012, ISBN 1136349367, 9781136349362

    ECTS (Allocated based on student) WORKLOAD
    Activities Quantity Duration (Hour) Total Work Load
    Lecture (14 weeks x Lecture hours per week)14342
    Laboratory / Practice (14 weeks x Laboratory/Practice hours per week) 0
    Midterm Examination (1 week)133
    Final Examination(1 week)133
    Preparation for Midterm Examination14342
    Preparation for Final Examination14342
    Assignment / Homework/ Project 0
    Seminar / Presentation12020
    Total Workload: 152
    ECTS Credit (Total workload/25): 6